How to remove all the unnecessary Bloatware and unwanted junk that comes with a fresh Windows 10 installation using Debloater.

Windows 10 Clean Installation

I recently had to set up a couple of new windows 10 machines for the family, and thought I would share with you a quick and easy way to essentially remove all the rubbish and clutter than microsoft likes to package in with the worlds …

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Controlling a Blitzwolf SHP5 with Tasmota, Home-Assistant & Node-Red

Blitzwolf SHP5

Recently┬áI purchased a Blitzwolf SHP5 (EU smart plug with 2*USB outputs). Blitzwolf SHP5 (Aliexpress) I believe these steps would also work or be very similar for products from Teckin, Gosund and other Tuya plug suppliers. I wanted one because the USB outputs can be controlled …

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Automating a Humidifier with Node-red and a Broadlink RM3 Mini: Part 2 Voice Control and Home-Assistant

The final Flow

Ok, so if you’re following along from Part 1 today am going to deal with how I integrated the Node-red controlling Humidifier into Home-Assistant itself and how I set it up to be controlled via Amazon Alexa. Firstly, whilst the Broadlink Mini has been rock …

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Automating a Humidifier with Node-red and a Broadlink RM3 Mini: Part 1

Broadlink RM Mini3 Node-Red Control

In part 1 of this 2 series post, I will detail how I took an IR controllable humidifer and integrated it into my home-automation system. I will list the steps I took and the code needed. In Part 2 I will discuss how I actually …

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Home Network Setup for Better Security & Wifi: Pfsense, Ubiquiti and Qotom

Qotom i5 pfsense box

We’ve seen a lot of people asking questions about upgrading their consumer router due to WiFi related issues or just general throughput problems. Some of you are lucky enough now to be receiving very quick internet speeds but you need to make sure your hardware …

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Full Nvidia Shield Control using Home-Assistant/Hassio and Node-red

I have recently managed to get full control of my Nvidia Shield in HA/Node-red: Firstly, you need to switch adb_debug on the shield – there are plenty of videos on youtube to help you do that (usually via developer options etc). Then you add the …

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Adding Xiaomi Aqara Sensors to Home-Assistant/Hassio with a USB CC2531 and no gateway

So I recently went to Asia for a short vacation, stopping off in Beijing and South Korea for a little over 9 days in total. I’d already purchased some goodies on Aliexpress, but they hadn’t been delivered yet, so I decided to go about looking …

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