Time for Bed MotherF*****s! Automate your bedtime routine with Node-Red & Home-Assistant

Bedtime Node-red flow

Today I want to run you through our bedroom routine using node-red and home-assistant. After reading this post you should be able to create your own routines quickly and easily. My girlfriend and I live together and like all couples we kind of have a …

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Broadlink Firmware update takes down Home-Assistant component. See my Node-red workaround!

Broadlink firmware update knocks out HA component

I’ve suddenly noticed that a recent firmware update from Broadlink has unfortunately caused issues with the broadlink component in home-assistant (hassio core). Whilst we’re waiting for the broadlink component to be updated, I’ve had to amend some of my flows in Node-red to take this …

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Automating a Humidifier with Node-red and a Broadlink RM3 Mini: Part 1

Broadlink RM Mini3 Node-Red Control

In part 1 of this 2 series post, I will detail how I took an IR controllable humidifer and integrated it into my home-automation system. I will list the steps I took and the code needed. In Part 2 I will discuss how I actually …

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