Using Node-red and Home-Assistant to send notificiations to your LG TV

LG_webOS thumb

So I wanted to cover today a topic that I’ve briefly touched on in previous articles and that is notifications through LG’s WebOS. Home-Assistant has an integration that allows us to communicate directly with LG TVs (at least the most recent ones anyway) and it’s …

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Setting up a Night Light Motion Sensor in Home-Assistant and Node-red

Motion Detected Night Light

Today I am going to give you a quick run through on how to set up a night light that’s fully automated and only comes on after dark. The idea is that if either my girlfriend or I need to get up in the night …

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It’s Game time! How to receive notifications when the crew are online via Home-Assistant and Node-red.

Gaming Automation

Ok, so I am a Gamer. Big time. I love to game and always have done. From the early days of cabbage patch kids, rock ‘n’ roll racer, to James Pond on the Mega drive, and Goldeneye on the N64. You name the console, i’ve …

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Sensory Overload – what does it cost to kit out a three bedroom home with sensors and switches on a budget.

The Smarthome Book

Ok so I have been running Xiaomi Aqara sensors (zigbee) for more than a year now and they have been brilliant. So much so that I’ve just bought another load. When this package arrived through the door, my girlfriend made her usual comment about me …

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Time for Bed MotherF*****s! Automate your bedtime routine with Node-Red & Home-Assistant

Bedtime Node-red flow

Today I want to run you through our bedroom routine using node-red and home-assistant. After reading this post you should be able to create your own routines quickly and easily. My girlfriend and I live together and like all couples we kind of have a …

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Broadlink Firmware update takes down Home-Assistant component. See my Node-red workaround!

Broadlink firmware update knocks out HA component

I’ve suddenly noticed that a recent firmware update from Broadlink has unfortunately caused issues with the broadlink component in home-assistant (hassio core). Whilst we’re waiting for the broadlink component to be updated, I’ve had to amend some of my flows in Node-red to take this …

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Changing your DNS provider to Cloudflare. Let’s see if we can improve our browsing experience.


So I just thought I would see how quick our internet provider was and what I could do to make it quicker still: I ran 10 different tests which you can find how to do it here (I essentially spun up a ubuntu Virtual machine …

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Automating and integrating a Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum into Home-Assistant (part 1)

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

Recently we borrowed a Xiaomi Robot Vacuum as the owner was returning to his home country for a month or so due to Covid-19. We brought it into our home and began to set it up. It worked surprisingly well. I was sceptical to begin …

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