Voice Assistants: Working with Alexa and Google’s custom entities in Node-red

Voice Assistants: Working with Alexa and Google's custom entities in Node-red

So for those of you who have been following my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been able to create my own entities in Google Home and Alexa. This has allowed me to not only control entities that aren’t specifically “working with XYZ” but also to …

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Automating a Humidifier with Node-red and a Broadlink RM3 Mini: Part 2 Voice Control and Home-Assistant

The final Flow

Ok, so if you’re following along from Part 1 today am going to deal with how I integrated the Node-red controlling Humidifier into Home-Assistant itself and how I set it up to be controlled via Amazon Alexa. Firstly, whilst the Broadlink Mini has been rock …

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