Missing Hacs? How to repair a Hacs installation after upgrading Home-Assistant

Missing Hacs? How to repair a Hacs installation after upgrading Home-Assistant

Recently I upgraded my Home-Assistant supervised (formerly Hassio) installation from 0.113.4 to 0.114.3 (I usually like to wait for a couple of releases so the bugs can be ironed out by others!). I did a quick back up using the G-drive snapshot add-on and waited with bated breath. When Home-Assistant came back online it was showing me a multitude of errors, most of which were linked to Hacs. Custom cards weren’t working, so i was looking at huge panes of red and white, as well as errors in the log that XYZ hadn’t loaded properly.

When I looked in the sidebar Hacs was no where to be seen. I checked under configuration => integrations but it was missing entirely. I then went to re-add Hacs as an integration but it was absent from the list.

After searching through the logs and checking the file structure it appeared that the folder that contained the Hacs files had effectively disappeared. Now whether this had been deleted during the upgrade or had been renamed and moved I can’t be sure, but initial inspection looks like it has been simply removed. I checked online and found in the forums that others had similar issues and could see several issues raised on github. One of the issues was closed already and supposedly the code updated a week or so ago, yet I was still having this problem. Below I will outline the steps for the work around.

On my network my Home-Assistant installation sits on the same network as my workstation. I’ve mapped the “hassio” drive as a network drive. I strongly suggest doing this as it makes file deletion and movement etc much easier. At least for me. I’d much rather be moving files around in Windows 10 than the Ubuntu CLI!

My main folder is labelled “hassio” (that name is never going away :)), change hassio to whatever your drive is mapped as.

1) Create the hacs folder in this directory \\hassio\config\custom_components\

2) Download the following zip: https://github.com/hacs/integration/releases/tag/1.5.2 (most recent at the time of writing).

Latest Hacs source files
Latest Hacs source files

3) Open the hacs folder: \\hassio\config\custom_components\hacs\

4) Unzip and copy across the entirety of the zip you just downloaded into the hacs directory you have open.

Hacs folder structure
Hacs folder structure

5) Close the windows and restart your Home-Assistant server.

That’s it. On restart my installation came back to life and all the Hacs related errors were gone. Hacs reappeared in the sidebar and I was able to update a couple of components that had updates. One more final restart and it’s all rock and roll again.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had issues with Hacs, and whilst it’s incredibly useful and adds some cool features, it can also be frustrating. I think some of the issues could be down to the fact that I wait to update Home-Assitant, and sometimes maybe some Hacs updates are manually carried out before the main OS is updated. This could cause some glitches? I’m not sure entirely, but hopefully if you’re struggling with similar issues this post might help fix you up!


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