Fixing the Duplicate Entities bug in WebOS – (Home Assistant 0.111.3)

Fixing the Duplicate Entities bug in WebOS

Hey guys, so recently I updated my home-assistant installation to 0.111.3 and noticed that there were some breaking changes with the WebOS TV component. I was receiving this error:


webostv error
webostv error


I double checked all the yaml (you can see the coding from my initial article here. I checked through the entities which you can find listed here:

I searched under tv (I’d called mine office_tv) and there, sure enough were several LG entities now. I could see the following:



I had a red exclamation mark next to the original office_tv entity indicating there was an error. I thought I would just delete the media_player.office_tv2 but it wouldn’t allow me to. In order to fix this, I basically deleted the original media_player.office_tv entry and then clicked and renamed media_player.office_tv2 to media_player.office_tv.


WebOS TV entity properties
WebOS TV entity properties


I then hit the restart and received no WebOS errors anymore. I actually restarted several times and each time I’ve checked if i’ve had the errors or the duplicates return, and am pleased to see everything’s looking good. I decided to look in github to see if anyone else was also having this issue and sure enough, people were. I’ll link to the github page here so that if anyone else wants to try and get technical or check exactly what went wrong they can dig further. Frankly, whilst this was a bit of a manual workaround, I was happy  just to get it working. Hopefully it won’t return, but who knows. I’ve had a few teething problems recently with my Home Assistant installation, so be prepared for a couple of other quick and easy fixes. Most of the issues I’ve been having seem to be the switch over from manually coding in yaml to the new “integrations” method that’s becoming more and more prevalent in Home Assistant.

Watch this space!





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